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David Bodner

Bodner Family Foundation, Philanthropy

David Bodner is an investor and philanthropist from Monsey, NY.

David Bodner's Bio:

David Bodner is a noted philanthropist, investor and entrepreneur. David’s innovative spirit has enabled his success in both his business and charitable efforts. David Bodner‘s primary philanthropic focus is assisting less fortunate individuals and families. Through the Bodner Family Foundation, David and his family have made a difference in the lives of many.

David Bodner‘s humble upbringing and his successful achievements are an inspiration to many in the for-profit and non-profit communities throughout the world. David’s ability to innovate and his propensity to always look at the big picture have enabled him to skillfully navigate difficult markets and tough economic climates.

David Bodner and his wife, Naomi Bodner live in Monsey, NY with their children.

David Bodner's Interests & Activities:

Philanthropy, Charity, Investing, Markets, Politics,

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